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EMA trading technique for Nifty intra day.

EMA trading technique for Nifty intra day.

Dear all,

Thanks for using our Nifty live chart, from now onwards I am planned to give some use full trading technique that can be practically useful for your daily trading.

Today I am going to give a simple and profitable trading technique. This trading technique is called EMA; you all know EMA is nothing but exponential moving average, how this has been calculated.

EMA(current) = ((Price (current) – EMA (prev)) x Multiplier) + EMA (prev)

OK let keep the formal as a formal come to practical , above nifty live chart shows 13,21,34 and 102 EMA for the day trade, if you are a day trader then my recommendation is 34 ema is the best signal for Nifty intra day trade.

Let see the nifty live chart 34 ema line, once the candle close below the 34 ema line place a sell order (the candle should be Black that means close price should be lower than open price). See the nifty chart once the price comes below the candle, market come to new low prices. This is the entry method for this trading technique; if you are trading on multi lots you can close the lots on different price with the profit of 10 to 15 points.

This is very simple and profitable Nifty trading technique. As per my experience you can solidly get 1 to 2 trades on intraday basics. If you made a loss on two trade on a same day live it don’t go for the next, protect your capital for the next day trade, this should be your main motto of your trading plane.

See you happy trade.


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