Forex and High risk investments winning chances are not high

Any parameter including performance of an investment instrument achieved in the past may not be considered as a guarantee or an indicator of its future development.

Value of any investment may both fall and rise; yield of the investment and also its return is not guaranteed.Save

Do you want more profit from FX currency or commodity trading?

Do you want more profit from FX currency or commodity trading?

How you can generate more profit from your FX trade

Top three tips for forex trading profits.

1.       Less spread level
2.       Free from brokerage fee
3.       Tax free trading

Less spread level

What is spread?

Spreads means nothing but BUY and SELL price different between two currencies,
                 For e.g  I want to buy 1 EUR so I need to pay      =1.4010 USD, (Now I have 1 EUR)
Then later I want to sell the EUR and get back the USD
       When I go for selling the forex broker is giving only   = 1.4008  
                                                                      Now I had loss of = 0.0002
it means I am losing 0.0002 from this currency buy/sell transaction, this buy/ sell transaction value is diff from fx broker to fx broker and it change from 1.2 to 3 at normal trading time , and it has change higher values at  market fluctuating time .
This buy/sell spread diff amount goes to FX firm as a service charge. So when you selecting the FX broker you should ask the broker how much spread you charge for currencies and it has to be nominal to other FX firm. Always try to negotiate for less spread with your FX client manger, so that you can gain quick profit with less spread level while trading.  If you are a huge volume trader this tight spread will support for your profits on long trend.

Free from brokerage fee

Forex is brokerage free trade, so there is no brokerage commission fees like share market. However in forex we are already paying fee to the brokers in the form of spread which we saw in the above spread calculation as a service charge.
If you are dealing fx broker with brokerage fee first close your account and explain the spread different. And find reputed forex broker who is providing fx without brokerage.

Tax-free trading

Tax saving, I you are a good in trade and making huge money and paying tax money for your profit, then you should think about changing your trading account to tax-free country. 

How to Trade forex on down trend market

Downtrend trading technique video

This video will help for beginner traders who trading on trend market strategy. 

Dubai Top 5 Forex Brokers

Dubai, UAE top 5 Forex broker to trade in FX

In Dubai there are number of forex regulated brokers holding their office to serve local and international forex client.

These forex brokers mainly running their office in Dubai JLT, Dubai international  Financial center and throughout Dubai mainland and other Emirates.

To find best forex broker is very tough, because most of the fx brokers having bad reputation in market due to poor customer service, unregulated brokers firm, lack of technical support, unknown brand and more.

How to select Best forex broker for your online forex trading.

  1. Regulated by local financial department 
  2. Low spreads for all instruments
  3. Trade execution on time
  4. Leverage and Margine flexibility
  5. Long experience in fx business
  6. Provide high-end trading terminals like mobile Apps trading.
  7. Live and current market new updated to clients 
  8. Market Technical tools for traders
  9. Market Fundamental information for fx traders
  10. 24hrs customer supports 

By looking on above mentioned few points five best forex brokers in Dubai listed below. These fx borking Instustions has its own physcial office in UAE, and can be reach all time for your trading enquires. 

The Best five forex Brokers in Dubai, UAE.



How to trade in Up trend market

Simple and Best Uptrend trading method for forex, future trading and Binary option:

Uptrend trading brief example: 

Use candlestick chart wait for market to reach support trend then go for long trade after the third candle breaks the second candle high with last support level stop loss.

In this post I am going to give more details about uptrend market strategy  with live example. This simple trading method can use it for fx trading, stocks, index future and binary option too. 

To trade on this simple trading strategy all you need is, two trend lines and you should know your instrument nearby low and high price. 

In the below picture I attached Metatrade-04 eur/usd 1hr candlestick chart for trend trade strategy. The first picture shows the initial preparation step for uptrend following strategies, in this trend picture I just laid two trend lines which is near low and high market value, and I am waiting for a new opportunity to go for long trade nothing but buying order on uptrend market.

Uptrend or Bull trend initial setup

The second uptrend picture shows how the market follows the trend line which we drawn before the market react. Our pre drawn trend line generated more opportunity to buy and sell trading signal which was generated with the simple trend following system.

From this trading signal my first buy position with stop loss level eur/usd currency moved more than 100 pip without any complex.
The best option in forex trading system is you can sell on uptrend market and can earn money while markets on reverse direction, learn to trade this reveres method too.

When the market reach to new high by touching our uptrend line go for long position close order, use tailoring stop loss or can go for short sell.
Uptrend target reaching chart
By going on short sell trade at this new high you can lock the buy position profit and more possibility to make short sell profit on bull market.

The second buy position generated after a long trading hour and by this time our first buy position is making profit and this new second buy order join in uptrend trading method same way third buy order in line. At the third market new high level overall market moved 200 pip here we can conclude our self to go for close trade with decent profit from this bull trend trading system.  

Three trends in Forex and Binary trading

Know about three trends in Forex and Binary trading.

As a trader in Forex, Binary or sharemarket you should know which trend now the market is trending to.If you know that then then you are playing safe-game in the high-risk trading business.

In currency trading or Binn trading forex brokers normally use some common word on trading floor, fx forum or in forex blog.
While  they talk trends  brokers, traders or investors use these three trend and these three are called major trend in the trading methods.

That three trends are called in the name listed below:

  1. Up Trend
  2. Down Trend
  3. Side wave trend  

The word format itself says market is moving towards  Up direction, so traders says market is moving in Up trend. Fore example EURO/USD traded last heigh at 1.4100 then the new ice breaking this high and creating new price for example 1.4150 and fail to fall below the lower value.  

In the below picture i attached eur/usd up trend example, in the picture i used two trend line.
First line touches the new low price which has not broken the before low price. 
The second trend line which i draw on the top of the new high , which is creating new high on up trend.

If you treading forex, sharemarket or binary you should fix these two angle line in the chart , then you can initiate the trading with in these two channel.

Up Trend Market

Down Trend:

Down trend is nothing but oppsite to up trend , here also the same two angle line should be in your chart and these two anglw will guide where to enter and where to exit , if you follow the market  with these two angle you will be in more safe.

Down trend

Side wave Trend:

This side wave market normaly happen when market completed the long up trend or down trend. In this time market will give chance for traders to take decesion to close the trade or to plane for new trade.

In this side wave trend normally we can get Double tops, tripple tops or Double, tripple bottoms. Thsese new tops and bottoms   intimate there is no strenght in the  maeket to move further.

Side Wave market 

What is forex trading_ fx trade example_ live fx

What is forex trading_fx trade
Forex is short form of foreign exchange, in the modern world all words having its own unique short form same like exchanging one currency to other currency with local forex broker or online exchange broker  that transactions is called forex, technology further it shortened in to FX so foreign exchange history  is like this FOREIGN EXCHANGE- FOREX- FX.
                     Let Start with example a person living in united states and planning to go for Europe tour, he prepared his all tour plan expect money. Previously I told this person living in united states obviously he hold US dollars, holding USD currency he cannot spend this cash in Europe until it converted into EURO . So he reach to his nearby foreign exchange broker  office and he say to that broker I want $5000 equal lent euro currency that means he is selling his 5000 USD to that broker and buying EURO for his euro trip expenses.  
                 One-more example a mobile trading company from Europe wants 1000 pieces of latest I phone from Apple, Inc USA. This Europe company ordering to Apple and  Apple says they accepts only USD currency, then this trading company Buying USD from fx broker and selling Euro , now the trader got USD and transferring money in $ to Apple and finish the deal.

Best online forex broker 

                           First find out the best forex broker from internet and open an fx demo account , normally top online forex brokers provides web based, mt4 and mobile based trading platform for exchange trading.


                             Let start a practical example for online forex trading. In the below fx trading picture you can find EURUSD 1.1200- SELLING rate and 1.1205- BUYING rates. As a trader by collecting news and come to know In upcoming days any positive news is going to come from Europe countries and it will boost the europe economic that means euro currency price will increase from 1.1205 and above so trader plane to buy EURUSD, if the above  news becomes success and the currency price moved from 1.1205 to 1.1250 then the   fx traders will get gain (1.1250- 1.1205) 45 pip. 
Forex trading terminal_ fx trade_ forex trade


           The same trader got some negative news about EUROPE and he sell the euro for 1.1200 and the news become true then the euro price goes down to 1.1150 this time again the trade gain from short selling with 50 pip profit. 

By the above Forex Long and short trading method forex traders can profit by both way if he planned well. 
Any currency market always buying price will be greater than the selling price this buying price and selling price difference is called FOREX SPREED its varies from broker to broker. 

Simple trading technique for Forex trader_ nifty trader_ Day trader

Simple trading technique for Forex trader_ nifty trader_ Day trader

Now a day Common man can jump in to forex trading business with help of forex broker demo account. All you need is simple e-mail address, phone number and little bit English knowledge.

After started a forex demo account with forex broker, traders next big questing is how to trade fx (nothing but short form of FOREX). Is that any forex trading strategies available online to learn this currency trading by step by step with FREE OF COST? The answer is yes. This blog’s various post drive to answer for above these questions to new fx trades for currency exchange business.

If you are trading in forex or share market all you need to know is market is in which trend, for that you should identify forex chart providing websites or directly download mt4 software to your system. After you installed live forex chart in your system you need to familiarizes of the chart patens and can identify the market trend with the help of trading technique

ROOF AND FLOOR Technical trading system - Example trade

Any financial market there is a time for bull market as well as bear market. This roof and floor trading strategies can be used for any trend market that is the specialty of this trading method.
Forex or share market will reach up to some boundary level for some time that is the level where market is going to change its trend. In the below eurusd forex chart picture market moving on uptrend marked GREEN in color, after some time this trend hits the ROOF (R) level and taking correction at this level, over again it’s trying to go for further uptrend however market was oversold and market fundamental factor is not supporting to break this ROOF (R1) level then the market change to reverse trend direction.

Forex trading strategies roof level

Traders trading strategies smart works  starts here, once this bull market hits the roof level as market trader we should apply some horizontal line as shown In this picture and wait for the second or third correction point by this correction time we need to prepare for short sell with money management stop loss level. Once the sell trade making profit try to pick up your profits as per plan and apply tailoring stop loss to save earned profit at market uncertain conditions.

Let see how the floor level technique works - Trading example

Floor level will help to take position at down trend market. Below down trend picture shows market moving towards to down trend marked in RED color and it’s taking correction at floor level (F) marked in green color , this time again market giving chance to forex trader to take new long position or revers the old positions. However market fails to go below that floor level (F1) and start for uptrend and allowing buying new lots with stop loss.

FX TRADING method floor level

By above mentioned entry and exit method ROOF and FLOOR trading technique give chance to forex players to trade in market.