Go for eurusd short now

Short the eurusd market at current level and keep s.l at 1.3660 near target is 1.3625,1.3615 1.3600

If market revers in our stoploss at 1.3660 go for long for the target at 1.3675 1.3685 1.3700


Our eurusd forex short call loss of 20 to 25 point and hit the stoploss  at 1.3660 and we told to revers the trade at the same stoploss level.From our stoploss entry we had reached our 3rd target of 1.3700. Even if you loss in eurusd 25 pip , by easily takeout our loss by reversing the trade.

EURUSD 22/01/2014 Trading level

EURUSD 22/01/2014 Trading level

Our eurusd fores trading level is 1.3585 above go for long for the target of 1.3595, 1.3610,1.3615

If market break 1.3540 just go for short for the target of 1.3530, 1.3525,1.3510

Use this level and trade safe in the forex market.

Buy EURUSD at market price with stoploss at 1.3508

Buy  EURUSD at market price with stoploss at 1.3508 , our first target at 1.3540,49,60 and 75

Reverses your trade if stoploss hit at 1.3508 , for the target of 1.3490,81,68

Our eurusd buy call iniated around 1.3520 and it has reach his third target of 1.3560 , that means around 40 points profit for just 12 point stoploss risk ,and its an excellent predection and decent profit form the forex market.
Watch out our blog for more calls.